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Our Process



We want you to have the right photographer for your wedding. We hope we are the right photographer, but only you can decide that. Take your time, ask questions, get to know us and consider your options.


Save The Date

When you have decided to reserve us for your wedding day, call us and we will get the necessary details to fill out an invoice. A $400 deposit is required to reserve the wedding date.


Photo & Video

We are equally skilled in both photography and videography. We will schedule the various sessions covered in the package you choose. We will contact you the Monday prior to any session to confirm details and check weather conditions.



Your photos are edited and available online within one week of each session. Videography is typically available within two weeks.


How many pictures will we receive?

A.More than most people expect. Typical engagements are over 200. Depending on the type of wedding it is not unusual to receive around 800. We choose the most pleasing of similar photos in a series but otherwise are very inclusive in what we provide.

How should we dress for the engagements?

A.Choose outfits as if you are going on a really nice date and trying to impress each other. We want you to feel comfortable but also at your best.

How will we get our images?

A.Your photographs will be uploaded to an online gallery about one week after the session. An email will be sent to you with the link. We encourage you to download all the images right away for your keeping. We will keep the gallery online for months after your event, and inform you prior to removing it. The gallery also has the ability for you to order prints directly from the gallery.

We don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that ok?

A.Many people do not feel comfortable in front of the camera. We assume that going into the first photo sessions with a new client. I find we can usually start having fun and couples quickly forget their nerves and just enjoy being together and sharing in the fun.

Do we have to choose one of the three packages?

A.No, I am more than happy to discuss your specific needs and customize a package if needed.